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Kent Hovind v IRS Case

Kent Hovind has been out of Prison since July 8th 2015! Thank God for leading the #FreeKent Hovind campaign.

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The IRS and DOJ was forced to admit to the US House and Ways Committee that what they did to Kent Hovind was wrong

The IRS had to apologize to the America people, pay them back and reform their “structuring” laws and how they criminally indict people. You can read the entire article “Kent Hovind Structuring Overturned IRS Apologizes And Pays Americans Back” and “Eric Holder Admits Kent Hovind Wrongly Imprisoned In Reform Guidelines For ‘Structuring’ The IRS Admits They Abused” to get more information.

To learn about the Kent Hovind vs IRS case read, “In-Depth Look Into Kent Hovind’s Tribulation | Judge Rodgers, IRS And Prosecutors Are Terrorists, Guilty Of Malicious Prosecution And Judicial Corruption“.

The IRS admits that a Church and/or Church Ministry is automatically free from taxes as long as money is used to spread the Gospel.

1- IRS Publication “Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organization’s” page 3 under Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status . Kent Hovind was obeying the law (please see 508c1A) which was a special tax law enacted by Congress to Americans by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

2- The 1st Amendment of the American Constitution guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly and the right to petition.

3- Kent Hovind did not spend money to enrich himself. Kent Hovind (proven with financial transactions) spent money to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

4- Foundation of America is that “…all men are endowed by their CREATOR with certain and unalienable rights.”

» Kent Hovind has been in prison for almost 100-months because his Church Ministry did not pay “taxes”

Kent Hovind paid all of the taxes he owed! The IRS and federal prosecutors could not find a way to throw Kent Hovind in prison (because he was under the law of 508c1A) so they indicted him on IRS structuring laws which were created to go after DRUG LORDS/TRAFFICKERS! Please read this brilliant article, “IRS vs. Kent Hovind: Imprisoned Evolutionary Foe Now Facing New Charges, Life Behind Bars“.

» OUTRAGE! Now they want to keep Kent Hovind in prison for the rest of his life!

You can read the new charges in this article, “IRS vs. Kent Hovind: Imprisoned Evolutionary Foe Now Facing New Charges, Life Behind Bars“.

» Learn more about this case with this Interactive Timeline of Kent’s Tribulation

View timeline in this pdf form. Or view events at this article.

» Interested in the case? Great!

Download and share Kent Hovind’s court documents. In fact, if you find something interesting in the court documents we are not aware of/have not exposed please contact us.

» The Truth: Kent Hovind’s Legal Box

Proof Kent Hovind set for Home Confinement
New Charges Conspiracy To Commit Mail Fraud
Complete Kent Hovind Sentencing Transcript
2005 Affidavit
Complaint Against M.Casey Rodgers
Complaint Followup
Motion for Summary Judgment
Summary Judgement
Banker letter
Tax Court Appeal
Bivins Suit
Motion to Recuse Judge
Motion to Vacate
Report of Order to Vacate
Objection Of Report
Defendant In Error
Motion To Vacate, Set Aside, Or Correct Sentence
Stay Of Criminal Forfeiture
Kent’s Response about Bond
Motion to Reconsider
Objection to proposed Findings
Tort Claim
Kent Hovind – American Free Press
Kents Letter to the IRS agent

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